« Long ago, a god came down to earth and took the form of a hungry beggar. He went to a forest and decided to explore how animals live in the woods. He met a fox, a monkey and a rabbit to whom he asked for help to feed himself. Not knowing how to climb trees nor hunt the rabbit who could not provide anything for the beggar to eat, decided to offer his own flesh by throwing himself into a fire. Moved by this act of sacrifice, the god revealed his true nature and decided to send the rabbit to the moon, offering him eternal life »  Every full moon we can still see him pounding on his mortar the eternal eau-de-vie, called elixir of long life.

Utimate Spirits Challenge 2023


90 points

San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2023


Double gold medal

International Wine & Spirit Competition 2019

Cognac Masters

Silver medal

Achieved through the combination of Fins Bois, Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne grapes, Moonshadow® dares to propose a cognac that is far removed from the traditional codes. Strongly inspired by the legend of the lunar rabbit. A blend of various eaux-de-vie, the youngest of which has aged for 4 years in French oak barrels, gives this cognac VSOP all the flexibility and aromatic richness perfect for mixology.


The nose exudes delicate and floral notes of linden and lilac and blend in perfect harmony with the freshness of the orange and the sweetness of vanilla. Gingerbread and clove aromas complete the aromatic palette, and will sublimate in cocktail creations.


the hidden face of Cognac

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